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Protect your building investment, reduce costs and optimize your work environment

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L360 offers facility condition assessments, maintenance plans, property management and technology consultation.

Optimize your facility investment and reduce repair, energy and operating costs.

Affordable L360 Maintenance Plans ensure inspections and repairs occur on a consistent basis. This helps prevent small problems from becoming costly, larger ones.

Buying, selling or renovating an existing building? 

L360 provides the insights and analysis you need to make an informed decision for repair prioritization,  insurance, financing or acquisition purposes.

L360 provides commercial property owners and their tenants with integrated, full-service property management services. Combining our proven construction, maintenance, service and management expertise, L360 has the depth of resources to manage and optimize your entire facility.

Selecting the right technology systems will help future-ready your workplace.

Via our trusted partners, L360 will help you navigate the many technology options available for your commercial facility projects.

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Trusted Advisor

Utilizing proven inspection methodology and drawing upon our depth of repair and maintenance resources, L360 combines over 60 years of construction industry leadership with our established multi-sector subcontractor network.  

The result? Reliable advice, proactive support and service expertise to help you extend the lifespan of your facility. 

“Having our L360 Maintenance Plan in place gives me a sense of security that regular inspections will be made and problems identified early, and I don’t have to remember what inspections are required, or schedule them myself.  Another benefit is having one call if we need a repair or have a concern, whether it is with the building, the HVAC or the plumbing.” 
Cindy Herbert, Director of Finance and Operations, Nova Scotia Nurses Union

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Our team has the experience and depth of resources to help you optimize and maintain any facility.

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